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Martin Skills Academy offers personalized sports training for athletes of all ages.  Get in the game and schedule a free training assessment today!

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Personalized Plans

At Martin Skills Academy we assess the athletes current skill level and create a training plan to meet each individual athletes' needs and assist them to reach the next level. 

Recorded Sessions

Each session at Martin Skills Academy is digitally recorded so that the athlete and trainer together can assess and progress the training process.

Sports IQ

Unique to Martin Skills Academy is our Sports IQ Program.  Through this program athletes of all ages can gain the knowledge to continue to grow, compete and have an advantage over their competition.

Testimonials Anchor

Our son worked with Martin Skills academy for almost 2 years. We had a great experience working with Coach Chris! He always had a plan of what the training was going to look like every week and gave our son homework that was challenging and pertinent to his strengths & weaknesses. 


Coach asked for feedback often and listened to us and our son on what was most important to work on. Our son was very dedicated to these sessions due to Coach Chris’s positive and constructive feedback. He was able to work on endurance and specifically football knowledge which has helped him continue to grow stronger in his positions. 


Coach also ensured that our sons school work was always completed and that he was being respectful in all aspects of school and sports - which was such a great help. He also worked with our son on fitness and dietary needs. 


We moved out of state or we would still be working with Martin Skills Academy and I highly recommend to any families that want to help their kids take the next step in their fitness & sports endeavors.

Martin Skills Academy has helped my son develop his football skills and stay on track in the off season.  Especially now that many sports are cancelled, he can still work with coach Chris in a safe environment, stay active, and learn new skills. 


Coach Chris is firm and consistent, but also very patient and kind with my son and is someone he can look up to.

Martin Skills Academy is a great asset to our sports community.

If you are considering a personal athletic coach for your child, Coach Chris, founder of Martin Skills Academy, is the one for the job!  My middle school son has been working with Coach Chris on basketball.  After a few sessions, we noticed improvements in his performance.  Each lesson is well organized with a written plan and homework for the week.  The homework is impactful as it reinforces the skills learned and clearly identifies the goals. 


My son responds well to Coach and Coach Chris is very approachable to us.  Martin Skills Academy is great for all ages, from a young athlete through a high school athlete.  Coach Chris provides many options for scheduling training- you pick your days/times at the start of each month, and your training day can vary by week. 


We are so pleased with the results that we signed up for a 1 year program and look forward to seeing results in other sports! 

Our son Aidan has been receiving basketball coaching from Chris for 5 months and we have had a fantastic experience.  Aidan is excited before every session, gets a great workout, and is challenged in new ways.


Chris does a great job of consistently coming up with new ideas to keep things fresh and continue to focus on skill development.  Chris also assigns weekly homework with some leadership reflection questions to help develop leadership skills in youth athletes. 


We are excited. to continue working with Chris.

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